Read Me: Oberon


Description of new Oberon modules, as well as changes to existing EPO Oberon modules.

Naming Conventions

  • CamelCase is used to indicate different parts of a name.

  • Modules begin uppercase.

  • All exported items begin uppercase (but see RECORD fields).

  • CONSTs begin uppercase.

  • TYPEs begin uppercase.

  • RECORD fields begin lowercase, even if exported.

  • VARs begin lowercase (unless exported).

  • Local PROCEDUREs begin lowercase, exported ones uppercase.

  • PROCEDURE parameters begin lowercase.

  • Naming exported items should take into account that they will always be referred to qualified by their module name. For example, RS232dev.Device, not RS232dev.RS232device.

  • If a part of the CamelCase-ed name is an all-caps acronym, then the next part begins lowercase, such as SPIdev, to preserve the acronym.