Remote Commands


With two CPUs in the FPGA, a means of communication between the processors, and the processes running thereon, is required. Inter-CPU Channels describes a basic two-way channel mechanism.

This page describes the use of this channel to execute commands on CPU 1.


  • A command via the Astrobe console, read and run by the system on CPU 0, sends the command line string to CPU 1.
  • On CPU 0, a process listens to the inter-CPU communication channel, receives the command line string, and executes the command.
  • Any output from the remote command is displayed on the serial terminal connected to the system on CPU 1, ie. it is not sent back to the Astrobe console.

Hence, bottom line, on the system on CPU 1, in lieu of a process reading the Astrobe console, there’s simply a process reading from the comm channel. Both processes are time-triggered.

That’s it.